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Sudan | Today''s latest from Al Jazeera

2021-7-19 · Sudan protesters mark second anniversary of army sit-in crackdown. The 2019 raid killed at least 128 people, according to activists, with families of victims still calling for justice.

Trump says talks with Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan on dam ...

2019-11-6 · U.S. President Donald Trump said on Wednesday he had held talks with officials from Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan over a disputed new dam Ethiopia is building on the Nile River.

The Egyptian question, 1882-1951 : sixty nine years of ...

The Egyptian question, 1882-1951 : sixty nine years of British occupation of Egypt and the Sudan Item Preview remove-circle Share or Embed This Item. Share to Twitter. Share to Facebook. Share to Reddit. Share to Tumblr. Share to Pinterest. Share via email.

UNDP in Sudan

2021-3-7 · In Sudan, UNDP supports a broad range of development interventions. At present, this focuses on support for Sudan''s transition, coupled with efforts on peacebuilding and stabilization, climate-resilience and access to energy, and broader health and economic improvement. Learn more about our …


2  · Sudan - Sudan - Religion: The majority of Sudan''s population is Muslim, belonging overwhelmingly to the Sunni branch. Sunni Islam in Sudan, as in much of the rest of Africa, has been characterized by the formation of tarīqahs, or Muslim religious brotherhoods. The oldest of these tarīqahs is the Qādiriyyah, which was introduced to the Sudan region from the Middle East in the 16th century.

Do Egypt and Sudan have anything in common anymore? …

Do Egypt and Sudan have anything in common anymore? 2017-06-09. This is an especially tense time in the relationship between Sudan and Egypt, which has always been fraught. But as the geopolitical tectonics start to shift, both in Africa and the Middle East, the two neighbours are increasingly finding themselves on different sides of a number of crucial issues.


2021-8-7 · Sudan. Dari Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas. Ini adalah versi stabil, diperiksa pada tanggal 1 Juli 2021 . Ada perubahan templat/berkas menunggu peninjauan. Akurasi. Terperiksa. Loncat ke navigasi Loncat ke pencarian. Untuk minuman dari Korea, lihat Sudan (minuman). Republik Sudan.

Sudan | SDG Integration

2021-8-5 · Sudan, as a young democracy, requires a participatory, whole-of-government and whole-of-society approach in responding to COVID-19. As the UN''s technical lead for the socioeconomic response, UNDP supports recovery efforts and strengthens civil society and public sector functions – primarily through capacity building and ensuring continuity of key government entities.

Heavy rain hits Khartoum, Sudan

2021-8-8 · Heavy rain hits Khartoum, Sudan. A waterlogged area is seen after heavy rain hit Khartoum, Sudan, Aug. 8, 2021.


2021-8-8 · It is bordered bi Egyp to the north, the Red Sea tae the northeast, Eritrea an Ethiopie tae the east, the Sooth Sudan tae the sooth, Chad tae the wast an Libie tae the northwast. The warld''s langest river, the Nile, divides the kintra atween east an wast sides. Notes

Sudan Intellectual Property

2021-2-3 · Intellectual property is one of the most recent knowledge sciences in our contemporary world, a world of technology and progress, as the intellectual property system is one of the most important pillars of the economy in our modern era, Thus the protection of intellectual property rights has led the global economy to include all aspects of social and cultural life.

Sudan COVID: 37,627 Cases and 2,820 Deaths

Active Cases in Sudan. Created with Highcharts 8.1.0. Total Coronavirus Currently Infected Active Cases (Number of Infected People) Feb 15, 2020 Aug 01, 2020 Jan 16, 2021 Jul 03, 2021 Mar 14, 2020 Apr 11, 2020 May 09, 2020 Jun 06, 2020 Jul 04, 2020 Aug 29, 2020 Sep 26, 2020 Oct 24, 2020 Nov 21, 2020 Dec 19, 2020 Feb 13, 2021 Mar 13, 2021 Apr 10 ...


2020-7-31 · The situation in South Sudan and neighbouring countries has quickly escalated into a full-blown humanitarian emergency. Although we are doing all we can to provide relief and life-saving shelter with limited resources, displacement in the region is expected to rise until a political solution is found.

Egypt and Sudan raise concerns to UN about Grand …

2021-8-20 · Egypt and Sudan are raising concerns to the United Nations Security Council about a massive hydropower dam just south of Sudan''s border in Ethiopia. The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam sits on the ...

Sudan – Travel guide at Wikivoyage

2020-8-17 · Sudan was afflicted by civil wars for more than 40 years until South Sudan became independent in July 2011, following a referendum. When the colonial map-makers divided up Africa, they included in Sudan the predominantly Muslim people of the north (including Nubians and Arabs), who share much of their history and culture with Egyptians, and the largely Christian and Animist Bantu …

Egypt/Sudan: Traffickers Who Torture | Human Rights Watch

2014-2-11 · Egypt/Sudan: Traffickers Who Torture. The sun sets near the Egypt-Israel border on April 30, 2013, sealed off since early 2013 by a five meter high Israeli fence. Trafficking victims told Human ...

United Nations in Sudan

2021-8-22 · The United Nations is committed to emergency response and disaster preparedness in Sudan, with UNDP''s support. Previously, UNDP has supported the Sudan Meteorological Authority on Early Warning, developed a national strategy on disaster risk management, and supported creation of disaster insurance products.

South Sudan

2020-8-31 · The U.S. government is the leading international donor to South Sudan, and provides lifesaving humanitarian assistance such as food, nutrition, protection, clean water and sanitation, as well as essential services such as food, nutrition support, emergency water and sanitation interventions, health care, and education to millions of South Sudanese citizens displaced or otherwise affected …

Explosion in Sudan port city kills four: medics

2021-7-11 · Sudanese cool themselves off in the Nile amid high temperature and electricity power cuts in Khartoum, Sudan, April 27, 2021. (Photo: Xinhua) An explosion killed at least four people at a sports ...

South Sudan

2021-8-18 · South Sudan is a country in Africa s official name is the Republic of South Sudan. It used to be a part of Sudan.A civil war began in 2013. The landlocked country is bordered by Ethiopia to the east; Kenya to the southeast; Uganda to the south; the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the southwest; the Central African Republic to the west; and the Republic of Sudan …

South Sudan | Today''s latest from Al Jazeera

2021-7-9 · South Sudan celebrates 10 years of independence – but few rejoice. A decade after becoming world''s youngest nation, South Sudan is mired in instability, faced with humanitarian crisis.


2021-6-16 · शहिदका सन्तानलाइ राज्यले उमेरहद तोकेर प्रदान गर्ने सुबिधाबाट बहुसख्यक बिमुख छन् । कयौ शहिदका सन्तानले बिद्यालयको मुख ...

Súdán – Wikipedie

2021-8-19 · Súdán, plným názvem Súdánská republika (arabsky جمهورية السودان ‎, Džumhúríjat as-Súdan), je stát na severovýchodě Afriky, nacházející se na jih od Sahary částečně v oblasti Sahelu.Hraničí s Egyptem na severu; s Libyí, Čadem a Středoafrickou republikou na západě; Jižním Súdánem na jihu a s Etiopií, Eritreou a Rudým mořem na východě.



Territory Dependent on the Patriarch of Egypt, Sudan and ...

2021-6-22 · The Territory Dependent on the Patriarch of Egypt, Sudan and South Sudan is a territory dependent on the patriarch of the Greek-Melkite Catholic Church in Egypt. The protosyncellus is Archbishop Georges Bakar, appointed in 2008.

United Nations in South Sudan

2021-8-21 · 08 July 2021. South Sudan marks a decade of sovereignty. The United Nations in South Sudan stands with all South Sudanese in pursuit of a peaceful, prosperous, and stable nation despite the many challenges the country has faced since independence in 2011.

Sudan''s Bashir backs Sisi election bid, agrees more ...

2018-3-19 · Sudan''s President Omar al-Bashir welcomed his Egyptian counterpart''s bid for re-election during his first visit to Egypt since 2016 and pledged further cooperation after a year of rocky relations ...

Anglo-Ägyptischer Sudan – Wikipedia

2021-8-3 · Anglo-Ägyptischer Sudan war von 1899 bis 1956 die Bezeichnung für den Sudan einschließlich des Südsudan r Anglo-Ägyptische Sudan war in dieser Zeit ein Kondominium Großbritanniens und Ägyptens.Da das Staatsoberhaupt Ägyptens 1914–1922 unter britischen „Schutz" gestellt wurde, war der Anglo-Ägyptische Sudan de facto bis zur Unabhängigkeit des Königreichs …

2019-2-4 · SUDAN ECONOMY- A Land of Burgeoning Potential. On top of vast oil wealth and sanctions-defying 8 per cent growth 40 million cattle, 50 million sheep, 40 million goats, and 4 million camelsThe Sudan is an enigmatic country in more respects than one.

Ethiopia slams Arab League resolution backing Egypt, …

2021-6-15 · Ethiopia slammed on Tuesday a resolution by the Arab League backing Egypt and Sudan''s water security amid deadlock in negotiations over the disputed Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam …

Sudan – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

2021-8-22 · Sudan graniczy z siedmioma państwami: Egiptem na północy (długość granicy – 1273 km), Erytreą na wschodzie (605 km), Etiopią na wschodzie (723 km), Sudanem Południowym na południu (1937 km), Republiką Środkowoafrykańską na południowym zachodzie (483 km), Czadem na zachodzie (1360 km), Libią na północnym zachodzie (383 km).

Sudan Tribune

Sudan Tribune. 103,033 likes · 374 talking about this. provides news, comment, analysis and reports on Sudan, South Sudan and East Africa.

Sudan Oil Reserves, Production and Consumption Statistics ...

Sudan consumes 140,000 barrels per day (B/d) of oil as of the year 2016.; Sudan ranks 68th in the world for oil consumption, accounting for about 0.1% of the world''s total consumption of 97,103,871 barrels per day.; Sudan consumes 0.15 gallons of oil per capita every day (based on the 2016 population of 39,847,439 people), or 54 gallons per capita per year (1 barrels).


2021-8-6 · Sudanese National Commission for Education, Science and Culture P.O. Box 2324 Khartoum Sudan Phone: (249)1 83 779 888 Fax: (249)1 83 776 030 Email: sudannatcom(a)hotmail ; Website:

Egyptian Tourism Authority

Egypt, a country linking northeast Africa with the Middle East, dates to the time of the pharaohs.


2021-8-22 · UNICEF Sudan Protecting the rights of children and young people and helping them fulfill their potential. Learn more about our programmes What we do. Latest news Blog post. Hawa & the women of Jebel Marra The generational struggle continues but with hope…. Read the story.

Sudan | Global Focus

By year end, Sudan was host to some 1 million refugees and asylum-seekers, of which 736,685 (70%) were from South Sudan, followed by Eritrea 122,465 (12%) and the Syrian Arab Republic 93,498 (9%). 51% of the population lived in out-of-camp settlements while 49% resided in camps across the country. There were 94,831 new refugee arrivals recorded ...